"Inspired by names such as MORBID ANGEL , who directed 90's death metal , and CANNIBAL CORPSE , Burker produces music that emulates the wild and raw death metal of that period without losing its humorous side."


"good doses of melody, and even some more slurred passages, which can refer the listener to Doom Metal"

-Roadie Metal

Burker is: Jameson Burkey - Vocals

Matt Pifer - Guitars, Bass

Ryan Pifer - Drums

As the summer of 2021 quickly approached, some friends enjoyed their lunch break together at the factory where they worked. Among them were Jameson Burkey and Matt Pifer. Jameson had an idea for a music video about cannibalism that he wanted to make with the help of those around him. Matt, a multi-instrumentalist, was asked to record a song in the vein of 90's era death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, and Jameson would live out his lifelong dream of doing the vocals. Although it was initially intended as a one off project, as the recording began the two realized they had tapped into something special. It was then that Burker was born. When "Killing Urge" was released, the duo were surprised at the positive reaction among their peers and even had some great results with playlisters and bloggers. This fueled their fire to push the boundaries and explore their sonic potential.

Their second single, "In the Wake of Mayhem" was released a short time later and would infuse elements of thrash metal, stoner and doom as well as death metal. The two continued to pick up steam among their peers, but realized that the inclusion of a more skilled drummer would be to their benefit.

As the writing began for their third upcoming single, "Three Foot Pipe", they enlisted the help of Matt's brother and former Masters of Luxury bandmate, Ryan on the drums, making Burker a trio. This proved to be an important ingredient in the Burker sound, as the intensity grew tenfold. "Three Foot Pipe" is the heaviest, fastest, most aggressively hateful song in their catalog to date. It features punishing drums, crushing guitars, and tortured vocals, yet has catchy melodies and memorable lead passages. The trio look forward to what lies ahead of them and are eager to share their new sound!